Existence Reflections

There's a hole in human souls, a hole filled up with unresolved emotions, a flood that consumes the body to its death.
An emptiness that stains us with illness, painful, long terms diseases, are the perfect example, to a long and painful fight, within the rational, resentful part of the being and the spiritual, full of emotion, one.  
The transcendent acceptance that lies in so much more than a body is the key, to medicine problematic unresolved, nonexisting cures.
We have to let us drown, let us burn, on the very singulars issues, fight them as the demons they are, and let them come to surface freed, we are slaves from ourselves.
The hunger, the compulsion, the cravings for more and more, the eternal bursting insatisfaction...where do we dare to think and conclude it's source?
It's energy and power are fed at the cost of our ascendant fragile existence.
But most of all, at our ignorance and stubborn behaviour in deny the undeniable.

Sarah Moustafa


  1. Our souls will always be an eternal emptiness, an infinite place.
    We have to know how to make these spaces full.
    And only wisdom, over time, will make us understand and fill those voids.

  2. "we are slaves from ourselves"... Indeed we are....! Brilliant!


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