Is it?

Is it alright to not want to settle ? 

To want more? 

More than expected, more than enough ,more than the self could bare?

Is it a curse to have an unstoppable thirst for the unkown and beyond?

And if it is so, could i dare to think it shall pass? 

 The urge would just vanish if I wish it hard enough? 

Does the safety of choices make it alright?

Or does it make it worse?

The emptiness grows deeper and deeper, while this battle spreads the pain of opositions that sould've been put together as whole as  the unity long lost ago, and is it so?

Is it the answer no one could give me besides myself ? 

Is it the calling for forgiveness, the path of making amends with a past I can't even remeber the way to live through today? 

Healing the present and future soul?

Is it so?

Sarah Moustafa


  1. I do not have the answer but only questions alike. But if it is so, More questions may come after...

    Perfect, Sarah! I love it.

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