May you rest in hell, may I restore the peace.

And from this wound I can't heal ,
YOU live
Rivers of blood, took me down the drain
Of our professed love
Leaving nothing but profound memories
Open graves , restless crows
Looking to deliver the message...
But were only left, with a crime scene
No evidences
But a hand full of doubts

The night comes and with it
So it does your deceased body
Haunting me with such a lively soul
Crawling into my being
Mad , passionately
Rips me apart
Exhilarated to create a deeper hole

How dare you to die far from my arms
And come back closer each day
for another bite, another drop
Another excruciating sigh... grieving the hope
That this time...
The phantom will stay

How dare you to leave
Just to frighten me with the mystery
Of your death
Screw you and your tactics
Your manipulation
Your silent allure
So Seductive ....

Love isn't supposed
to hurt this bad
How come I love you harder
The more pain
You reveal
In each wicked kiss
Just to see me bloom and wither
At the command of your name

Do you feel I'm like fire in your hands
That you either play with
Or get burnt by ?
Fuck your cowardly game
You will not be stronger
Than my everyday attempt
To finally bury you
You'll not keep me
from remaining sane

Believe me

I love you,
I will give you the proper funeral you deserve.

Yes, I am ,undoubtedly,  yours .

But don't forget... 

You are mine as well .

Rest in Peace 

Sarah Moustafa 


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