Shattered Words, Broken Souls - I

- Is You're saying goodbye?

- I wish I knew how to say goodbye! 
I wish I could tell you with all my guts, to get the hell outy of my life. 
But how do we say it?
 How can we say something in a language we don't know?
Tell me in what words I should spell it, in what voice should I say it, in what soul should I feel it. 
Teach me, please, to say goodbye.

- I'll do it, I'll teach your way out through it, if you'll teach me how to stay. 
If you dare do cross my skin and bones, to rip my free will and my fear out of this resistance to fall,  into this numbness you call love. 
Show me how to stay... and I'll show you how to go away,

- And what on earth will that make of us? A tragically impossible love...

- Yes. Impossible not to happen...

Sarah Moustafa


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