quinta-feira, 2 de maio de 2013

Create the Criation

I want to create
Much more
Than I could do as a mate
All Alone
Between emptiness and wholeness
As a soul flashing line holiness
I'll incinerate
In Flames embraced 
I'll truly
The creation born
Not to soon as not to late
With any kind
Living the whom
Drunk sour lips
Death and life
Bitter sweet 
Swept of my feet
It shall not
Tamed as a nation
With no vision
But the one and only
Being so full and lonely
Free and meaningful
Showing respects 
To an universal calling
In you, and me and all
Falling in my tiny giant 
Heart to liberate
Spread Words and Whispers
Blood and Spirit
Brothers and Sisters
We must create
The creation
To an individual path as a generation!

Sarah Moustafa

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