My precious.

My hands are tied
My heart remains open, it  roar's free .
You can taint it , smash it, 
the same way it breaks, it bleeds
It expands magnificent ,
ready for another shot, another attempt
to properly see if you can defeat me.
You can't . Oh , but you try.
This heart of mine, is a jewel
a music box , and you dance to the sweet tune.
the eternal misery that breathes hope,
your secret desire to return to the truth of love.
So take my hands, take
 my body
put it in that cell ...
Punish me,
Let me starve ,
My soul will nourish me 
The mouth is dry and thirsty
My tears will fall
And the flood will clear
The debris of sickness
Your selfishness and tyranny
consumed my body with.
And this body may die ,
And you may win ,

But you'll never reach my forever beating heart.

I will never stop caring,
I will never stop giving,
I will never stop believing.
That even you , 
A hurt boy dressed in the clothes of self made man
A dreamer, turned cynical
A fallen angel pretending to be the devil,

even you ,

Are worthy of love .

This is what drives you mad,

My soul is intact.


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