Shattered Words, Broken Souls - III

Sometimes I ask myself, how could I not regret?
The day we met
The day I allowed us to connect

But did I?
Was it really about a permission 
Anykind of power submission ?
Or just that glance...the glance put in this walking vision...
It was never about decision.

I can't regret how much it hurts because that was how much I loved .
Or how much it broke, because it was how much I had .
Or how much it saddens, because it was how much happiness I held.

Enormous, Tremounds Joy To Embody and Breathe a Romance I always wanted to Live.

It made me feel Alive,

How could I regret to have lived and died in a split second, if that same second, made me taste love to it's deepest core.

I just can't. 
I won't.

 And I don't hope to understand it, not now, not ever.

Sarah Moustafa


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