She's a darling

Come closer,
Tell me , over and  over again,
How I'm supposed to behave,
How can I be a an example of the most delicate flower ?
After all I'm Daddy's little princess
A lovely daughter...
Or the prettiest thing your eyes will catch
Shall I pass some lipstick,?
 They've taught me red has some power.
Is it appropriate like this?
 Let you take the lead, if I'm submissive and fit the standard
Maybe you'll pick me and give me an emerald ring ?
Oh... I've always wanted to be bought , it's so easy....
Yes , spend some billions,
Learn to afford me , my heart will sing !
I wont mind if you show me as your golden trophy
I'll hold back my provocative views and beliefs
And hush, hush just as the beautiful darling' you'll make me be
I won't say a thing that's not in the script
You'll mind fuck me to read
I'm a fast learner when I need to be,
So .. come closer
Truth or dare?
Will you kiss me ?
It's Friday night, you should take this doll in your arm
Won't you take me seriously?
Are you afraid how smart I can be ?
Don't worry honey, this is a man's world.
I can play the regular woman, let's have some fun !
I wont unleash the devil, 

First I will make sure to bite and carve your soul.

Behind the scenes, that's how girl's rock 

Making you , almighty image of an Emperor ,

Fall hard from the throne,

With the spell of this poisonous love,

And you fools end ,

Being the weakest figures of all history books.

( Legends )

And we the victims of your , oh so terrible, tyranny .

Light my fire?

Marry Me ?

Sarah Moustafa 


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