Shattered Words, Broken Souls - V

Where are you?
Where were you all this time?
Tell me, do you live only on my fantasy?
 Did you run down the aisle of heaven and burnt down all the walls my ideals built you on?
My heart races at the whisper of your unknown name, can a man figure what is real and what is not , when trapped in the despair web?
If all this is nothing but an illusion, let it be.
I don't want the truth.
I carry on in the sweetest lie my mind set you to be.
There is no boundaries in the realm of imagination and so what if I can't show you to the world?
You are the sickness that keeps me healthy.
And the air nobody knows how to breathe on.
A lunatic answers to no one, not even the moon , who secretly feeds us with its cosmic power.
We make sense to each other.
We are the never that is meant to be.
I don't now where you are .
But somewhere along the way i will find you.
I will rescue you to the light because not even death could tear us apart.
I'm not crazy.
I'm a believer.
And if that's the only chance I've got of a silver lining,
I will chase it down and keep my faith up.
Doesn't matter how long it s going to take.
Doesn't matter how many sleepless nights I will cry on.
Doesn't matter how low to hell I will have to dive.
I will find you.
I will see you again because that's the only way, I will ever see myself.
I know you are somewhere exactly for that.

Because I'm still here.

Sarah Moustafa


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