The truth professed in a melody

Hit Play

And feel ...

What a simple song

Can make a single soul


I'm looking to escape in the beauty of this melody
Because in it , it lies all that I long for 
All living breathing memories, 
that have nowhere to go ,
and even if they did
They would still choose... 
undoubtedly , 
to stay with me.

The truth is

This song cracks my heart open
In ways my whole body
Has forgotten 
It shakes somethig so deep within
A drowning , stormy scream
An ocean of love, ripples of despair
Consuming my skin

The truth is

It whispers the melancholia of all those dreams
Before the dark night came, 
And tainted it all, with the silence
Of a thousand lustful sins
And yet... I hear it
The little broken girl, awakens
For 4 minutes
She's not hopeless and completely forsaken
The universe holds her
Planet's talk and and the gentle caress of the stars
Touch her with belief
One'll find the motherly love
Kissing and healing away those unfair scars

Erased, they shall all be.

The truth is

Here you still speak with me
Love of my life
There's a place , where everyday 
We can show up for each other
We can simply Be and meet...
Beyond what drove us away
And why... God, why ,divine order
wouldn't allow us, just a little bit more time...
To write down together,,,
The most oddly beautiful story
Of a man who answers the question
Being the doubt
And a woman that questions
Being herself , the answer
Of all that was lost in translation

And for that ...we'll be haunted forever
But here, in this song
Where we light up the world
From where, we used to belong..

The truth is,
It just helps me...
feel it all
And not be afraid to cry .

And I do cry
Just to feel us, one more time.
And I do cry,..
for the rain, to brings us, one more life.

And the light steps in,
Little girl
Little boy
The truth is ...
Damned and blessed, 

We all are.

                                                                 Sarah Moustafa


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