Awaken Beauty

She knows very little about life.
She always , as a matter of fact, believed that she didn't belong in this world.
And others in her surroundings, agreed.
She was always misplaced in what peolple seem to fit so easily.
She never enjoyed puzzles but did her best to understand its mathematical rules, hoping to balance her unfulfilled needs , but the subjective gap that hold her was just to big.
Inside she analyzed, bit by bit, her uncouncious responses into the earthly realm.
Nurturing in her own solitude.
As a bird emprisioned in its own wings.
Isnt that funny?
How the desire for such an intense freedom can end up being your own cage?
The universe always likes to bless us with a unique sarcastic humor and timing.
Specially for those who seem to ignore and shut down the voice that same universe gave them.
Choosing to see it as curse rather than a blessing in a such a copy paste kind of society we are wired to live on.
The mystery of creation performs different quests inside our needs and desires.
Questions after questions are as important as the answers , and they never come clean and easy.
Thats the major point, of diversity, identy. Uniqueness.
Finding out who you truly are in an emotional intelligence process helps to uncode mysteries lying under our self sleep state of being.
The ride is as vital as the journey.
Those two can not be sepate concepts.
So suddnely she realized she wasnt different, she wasn't just sleeping anymore.
And being awake could be as far as dream or a nightmare , as heaven or hell purged in the truth her mind, body, heart and soul were trying to lead her own.
Pain , alienation, suffering were just a step closer to embrace that truth,that voice, into pure expression of love.
She stopped wanting to go from A to Z , when A to B, B to C were the small steps truly needed to be done to embrace and be present in herself.

She stopped  wanting and started allowing.


                                                        Sarah Moustafa


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