The right to be wrong.

Does love ever have the right time?
If it appears in your life as chaotic as the moment may seem, as confunsing and trembled your thoughts get, aren't emotions always supposed to go far beyond all of this?
Why do we insist in forcing rational explanations to such an irrational issue as what our hearts beat for?
The wrong person is defined by social and family rules or by what they makes us feel about themselves, as a mirror reflecting the exciting, uncomfortable parts missing in our self knowledge structure?
How can wrong feel so right? And who is powerful enough to misplace and dictate what should be only decided by the ones who hold the power themselves ?
Why do we accept words we can not say, feelings we can not have, rules we can not break?
In the end if a person meets down your path, in all the millions others who could had the same encounter, how can we deny the importance the universe put in motion, for us to connect with another soul?
Right is the duty to be wrong.
To allow us to learn the lessons, the joys and the heartaches of a life full of mysteries.
The right time, is the time alone and the capacity to enjoy it to the fullest.

Sarah Moustafa 


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